Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Adumbration

The Adumbration lumbered in the distance, outline clouded by horizon's haze.

"What is it?" the countryside cried, "What will it mean?" the elders worried.

Its dusty gray obscuring more and more into the clear blue sky, the Adumbration loomed.

"What should we feel?" the townspeople asked, "Every man think for himself!" the scattering elite replied.

Indiscernible, nearly there but not yet here, almost not yet a thing unto itself, the Adumbration rust the land.

"We must know if we are to go on!" the people plead, "We can't really tell." duly unspoken.

Coming still, roiling yet becalmed, ephemeral but always, the Adumbration was unseemly.

"We will distract ourselves with seeking" some said, "We will distract ourselves with providing." said some.

Almost invisible the Adumbration stayed.

"Now we are certain!" proclaimed the everyman. "Now we are content." thought his mind.

The Adumbration continued.
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